Monday, 27 December 2021

October to December 2021

 Although I seem to have been busy there has not been much crafting going on. In October I made two rainbow pincushion pots from Debbie Shore's Half Yard Vintage book. This is my favourite pattern in the book, the bucket bag is also a lovely pattern.

 I also started on Christmas decorations for my quilt group (who am I kidding, mostly myself!). I do like making Christmas decorations. Most of these were adapted from pictures on Pinterest, the gingerbread houses were my own design.

I also made two more beaded hearts from miracle beads. These I gave to my sisters, but I forgot to take photos. I finished the 6 inch Patchsmith Blocks that I started in June. They are stitched together and waiting to be layered and quilted.

In November I started a T-shirt quilt for Linus I, once again it is waiting to be layered and quilted. I made a few crocheted baubles for the Christmas tree and finished two round crochet cushions for a Secret Santa gift.

In December I made some more Christmas Decorations, this time for friends - beaded angels (find kits here, these were made from individual bead packs, they also come in white) and a stuffed Christmas tree complete with decorations and working lights. These all went down well with the recipients.

Lights off and lights on

I also received a lovely Secret Santa present from HT.

I crocheted a Fortunes Wrap, it is a lacy corner to corner shawl from a free pattern and tutorial video with this link (NOTE - it uses US terms)

I think there is a mistake in the pattern for the Trim. I think row 3 should read "*ch3, skip 2ch space, etc", rather than "*ch2, skip 2ch space,". That looks more like the pattern than mine. I also made a mistake in row 2 - didn't do 2tr in ch2 space only 1! You can just make out the metallic thread I included.

My last project so far this year, has been a wall hanging that I designed several years ago but never got around to working out how to make it up. Being at a loose end, and not feeling motivated enough to finish either of the two quilts needing layering and quilting, I thought I would take another look at it. I decided the simplest way to tackle it's construction was to foundation piece it. Not my favourite technique but necessary here. It went together very quickly and I managed to finish it in just over a week. I am pleased with the result. Personally I like yellow, handy as that was the first colour I came across with 3 tones. The darker one has a little bit of silver sparkle, adds a bit of bling. It may need a bit more quilting in the negative spaces, I think this would best be done by hand.

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