Saturday, 11 September 2021

January to September update

January update

I have now finished all the Project Linus quilts I have been working on since the start of the year.

'Let's Go' with Chickens
The colours are a bit dull in this picture

Scrap rainbow quilt 2

I have also made several of these Kismet pyramid pouches from a pattern by AitchBee at Little Patch Pockets, well worth a look at her website. Helen is a Modern Quilter along with her friend Helen Howes at Helen Howes Textiles, another inspirational website to look at. They both have patterns and techniques, some free some paid for, and also produce a joint news letter 'Modern Art Quilters' that you can sign up for on either website. 

Kismet pyramid pouches, top - front, bottom - back 

These are numbers 2 and 3, I have already given the first one as a present containing a face mask and small bottle of hand sanitiser.

February update

Next two Linus quilts are 10 inch dress blocks. I used up some fabric I bought from Aldi that I had already used to make a Linus quilt. I used calico for the background with pink Flutter fabric for sashing and borders on one and lilac Spraytime with orchid Flutter borders, backed with cream fleece. Both turned out very pretty.

This month I also cut out 55 x 60 degree 1 inch diamonds to make a Moravian star, something I have been meaning to have a go at for a while. I sewed 5 diamonds together in 11 different colours and stitched a contrasting 2mm Miracle bead in the centre of each. I bought the miracle beads from Totally Beads, a lovely website for beads an beaded projects.

Moravian star

April update

I made two more Kismet bags to give as birthday presents, unfortunately I did not take pictures of them.

May update

For my birthday I was given two fat quarters of fabric with bees on it. The background colours were turquoise and blue, the bees were yellow black and white. I decided to make a Linus quilt using Creative Quilting's 'Simple Take 5 Fabrics' block, adding fabrics that were black with turquoise dots, turquoise with white dots, yellow with white stars and a turquoise batik with dots. It was backed with beige fleece and given a blue binding. 

'Simple Take 5 Fabrics' 

June to August update

Last year I bought a book called The Patchsmith's Sampler Quilt Blocks by Amanda Weatherill. It contains fifty 6 inch sampler blocks. I tested some out making mug rugs, which I gave as presents. I started making them in June with the aim of making a quilt. By the end of August I had made the first 30 and started cutting out the rest. I liked the look of the blocks, but was not sure if I would find making 6 inch blocks a bit too fiddly. I am enjoying making these much more than I anticipated and don't find them at all fiddly. Being small they are very good for using up scraps.

30 x 6 inch blocks

I also made some Rainbow Heart decorations from a kit using Miracle beads from Totally Beads. These will also be given as presents, including one for myself.

Beaded hearts from kit from Totally Beads

Monday, 25 January 2021

January 2021

New Year and back into a National Lockdown. A least the miserable weather provided an opportunity to sew and crochet. I finished the crochet wreath that needed lots of small units blocking, a tedious process but worth the effort. This project comes from a book called 'Crocheted Wreaths for the Home' by Anna Nikipirowicz from Search Press. It has lots of lovely projects of which this is the fourth I have made.

Succulents wreath

I made a T-shirt quilt and a third rainbow scrap quilt for Project Linus using 10 inch blocks. Previously I have made these quilts using 16 and 12 inch blocks respectively.

10 inch T-shirt quilt

Rainbow scrap quilt 3 (number 2 needs binding hemmed)

I have two more Linus quilts to finish, I am a bit behind as I ran out of fleece to back them with. I did not remain idle as I made some Morsbags and crocheted some hats and neck warmers in response to local requests.

I also finished a small picture that I started as a workshop demo for the quilting group, after looking at a suitcase collection from the QGBI several years ago. The collection was entitled 'Whatever the Weather' and several of the techniques used were of interest to the group, so I had a go at demonstrating one of them and got started on a second, this one, but never gave the demo. The original quilt 'Whatever the Weather' was made by Caryll Baldwin, mine is not an exact copy but is very similar, particularly the red plant as it was my favourite bit on the quilt.

Fields - fabric collage with embroidery