Sunday, 27 December 2020

December 2020

This year has been a strange one, not a lot of socialising, only one trip away from home that was not local. We have been keeping in touch with friends and relatives by phone and over the computer. All this means I have done a lot more sewing, and online shopping when I run out of supplies. Most of us may have a hard time with the Covid-19 restrictions without technology.

List of Sewing projects for 2020

11 Linus quilt (one using an over-locker)

2 tea cosies for the Bowls club

5 birthday presents

2 Secret Santa's

6 bags

1 table runner

2 T shirts

4 pairs trousers

2 tunics

1 shirt for my husband

5 wall hangings

Baby quilt for a friend

Finished 2 UFO quilts

1 shadow quilted panel (not made up into anything as I can't decide what to do with it)

Lots of facemasks

Several scrubs caps, bags and tabards for NHS

Lots of Christmas decorations using felt, fabric and/or beads

12 Christmas cards

These are the latest two Linus quilts, both very quick makes so I got both done over the last fortnight. 

Let's Go - Quick and Easy Quilts for Kids by Connie Ewbank

Take 5 Fabrics - Lockdown project from Creative Quilting

This is the pink one from a previous post finished with a beige binding. 

The last two quilts are not wonky on one side, I  skewed the pictures in Photoshop to try and make them straighter!

I have also crocheted a few more scarfs and a couple of wreaths, one not yet finished as it has a lot of units that need blocking!

Winter wreath

Secret Santa present

Cute Robin Christmas card - quilting group project

Today I sorted my scrap boxes into colours. This should make using them easier, as I usually end up tipping them onto the floor to sort out the colours I want. Makes a bit of mess to clear up too.

I have had an enjoyable year sewing and crafting. It has been useful having a hobby to while a way the days during the Covid restrictions, particularly lately when it has been so wet and miserable. I am now looking forward to starting an Attic 24 crochet along in the New Year, a nice way to spend a winter evening in front of the telly.

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