Friday, 10 January 2020

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We recently had our windows replaced, so no heating on during the day, plenty of layers though! As a result of the 'clearing space' exercise I had to do in the workroom, I decided I have too much stuff of all sorts. I filled two bin bags with 'rubbish' and I managed to finish some UFO's, four quilts - three Linus and one workshop. I also made two from a jellyroll I purchased in 2018, these have all gone to Project Linus. Technically all these are coverlets as they are only two layers - patchwork top and fleece backing - so easily laundered when given to children.

Large T-shirt and medium Tea pot quilts

Fruit Punch - front and back

Jellyroll Jam quilts (45 inches square)
The workshop I did with a friend, was Paula Doyle's Easy Stack technique, tutor Linda Seward. I have another one on the go using a four patch block.
Easy Stack workshop quilt using the Bright hope block
I also sorted out my personal quilt collection. I have made so many over the years, I have been quilting sine 1987, that I decided those that have never been used should go to Project Linus.

Quilts donated to Project Linus

A quilting friend had a significant birthday this year, so 21 again! C is a Quirky Quilter, so we had a group project to make a rainbow of cushions to mark the occasion. They look a lot better than in the photo. I am sorry I didn't photograph them all before I put the pads in as it shows the designs better.

My contribution

The rainbow for C
Another Quirky had a birthday recently, as a present I made a jellyroll bag in nice bright colours, with a turtle fabric lining. E monitors turtle nests on the beach in Florida where she lives part of the year.

A nice big bag for sewing projects

A zipped pocket and an open pocket for small bit and pieces
I love making this bag, all the Quirkies have one now. I have just started making myself another using charm squares, it makes a slightly bigger bag to the jelly roll 4 patch blocks used in this one.

I also ran a workshop at the Surrey region HQ for the WI, making Christmas decorations. That was a fun day, everyone seemed to get on well with the projects on offer.

WI workshop- offered projects

Some imaginative block placements in the folded circle hangings
WI ladies efforts
The triangles were the most popular project. They were the simplest to make and a versatile unit, as these projects demonstrate.

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