Monday, 28 August 2017

July 2017

Over the last three months I seem to have been doing quite a bit of crochet as well as quilting. I am also involved in organising a small patchwork and quilting exhibition with one of the quilting groups I belong to.

I have finally finished all of the T-shirt quilts I had cut out at the end of last year, four in total. They have all been passed over to Liz our local co-coordinator for Project Linus.

T-shirt quilts 3 and 4 of the current series

Liz had given me a large piece of a teapot print with a black background at one of her Linus days. She felt it was unpromising for use in Linus quilts. However, I thought  I would have a go at using it, as I do love a challenge, and here is the result.

Linus strip quilt
As I have lots of this fabric, I may well be making some more of these with bright coloured fleece on the back. This one had a yellow backing. This is an easy quilt to make and is simply quilted in the ditch between strips. it took me two afternoons.

I have also finished and passed on the Olympia quilts from the previous post.

I bought another crochet shawl book from The Crochet Project. This time I went for a downloadable copy, but I am not sure if I like these. I think I am a bit old fashioned and prefer the printed book. So here are some of the things I have made from Book 1.

"Never Black" using West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply yarn in Peacock 

"Never Black" using hand dyed yarn bought at Unravel 

"Northmoor Lock" in 4-ply and DK yarns
I also bought a pattern and the recommended yarn to make a Fronds shawl - pattern from The Crochet Project. The yarn was expensive, but as I had received some money as a birthday present in April, I treated myself. I then went on to make two more in less expensive yarns, all are lovely, one I gave to my sister as she liked mine so much. This is a truly gorgeous pattern and very adaptable as to the yarn you can use. The cream one was a very inexpensive yarn with a nice soft drape, a baby yarn from Wilkinson's, cost less than £10 to make.

Beautiful "Fronds" Shawl - suggested yarn
"Fronds" Shawl - substitute yarn
This one is from the second book I bought, it is the 3rd in the series. I used DK yarn, left over from an Attic24 yarn pack from Woolwarehouse, so it is quite large.

"Bud" shawl
There are others but that's enough pictures of them.

Back to fabric with some presents made for friends birthdays. Some flowers from an edition of Stitch magazine from the Embroiders Guild, and a Barbara Chainey design for a cushion. 

Flowers for H

My contribution to a set of hand-quilted cushions for T
I like making 3D items like the vase and flowers. I am thinking about a workshop for the quilting group on fabric bowls. I have made a few of them using several different stabilising materials, so plenty of scope.

Since starting this post I have cut out enough T-shirt blocks for 3 more quilts and 2 T-pot strip quilts. They are in bags for taking to quilting meetings, when I have no project with a deadline to meet.

That's all for now, lots more in the pipeline.

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  1. Wonderful! Great to see your projects together. Loving the teapot quilt.