Thursday, 11 November 2010

This quilt was started at a Scola evening class with Sally Connor in September 2001, it was finished by January 2002. Most of the fabrics were bought in the late 1980's, early 1990's at quilt exhibitions because I liked them.The hand-dyed calicos came from Faberdashery, the flower prints were a bundle of odd sizes, the dark green and mottled red were leftovers from other projects. The navy sashing, light green leaf print and William Morris willow print backing were bought for this project.

The quilt consists of 12 8" square blocks, with 1 3/4" sashing and a 3" border. It was hand pieced and quilted except for the binding which was machined on and hand hemmed. This quilt has a pocket on the back so that it can folded up as a pillow.

The blocks used are twirling star, stepping stones, sawtooth star, corn and beans, fox and geese, mexican star, rolling stone, weathervane. centennial pinwheel, applique heart and grandmothers favourite. The pocket block is grandmas house. The quilting design and colour (pink and dark blue threads) varied with each block, the sashing (navy thread) is squares on point with with hearts at the intersections and the border has a wave pattern.

I like sampler quilts as each block is a different pattern or technique making them interesting to work on. It is a useful way to try out new things and if you don't like the technique you need not end up with an expensive UFO as you are only using it for one small section of your quilt.

This is a much used item, that I had to repair in 2006 as it appeared to have been chewed by mice.

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